How I Found VidLii

I originally started my account on, as ModernForever. I met a lot of fantastic people on, sadly the site made a closure.

Shortly after Wenoo’s closure, I re-made my account on I re-created my account “ModernForever” on on August 19th, 2018.

It didn’t really have a good run on VidLii as it did on It didn’t gain as much attention as it did on, so I gave it up.

I posted a video on my account of a slideshow saying why I was leaving VidLii, and people let me know saying that I can try harder and I’ll get there.

Those words stuck with me during my VidLii leave, so I decided to return to VidLii months later, but I didn’t post any new videos, I just watched other people’s content to achieve inspiration.

Very recently, I thought of the idea to switching to a new account, which “FashionistaBanana101” was born.

I plan to post some original content on it soon, but in the meantime, enjoy the copyrighted music, lmao.

During May of 2019, my Mac desktop broke down which contained files way back from 2013.

The problem with my Mac is that it needs a new video card, so I bought a temporary replacement: A Chromebook.

I really dislike how limited the Chromebook is, you can’t do much on it, and you can’t even install any softwares like video editors, neither does a Chromebook come with one.

It’s gonna be quite hard to find a video editor for a Chromebook, but I will try.

  • Andina Boiste

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